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paragraph on nature in 100 words

_taboola.push({ The education system can be categorized into two main divisions – formal and informal education. We should thankful to our nature for helping, caring and nurturing us like a mother. 100- 200 Words Essays, Notes, Articles, Debates, Paragraphs & Speech in English A House on Fire (150 Words) A Visit to an Exhibition (150 Words) A Visit to Sanchi Stupa (200 Words… Growth in population and economic development has led to inefficient use of biodiversity. Human beings depend on nature to stay alive. Everyone loves to escape away in the mysteries of nature. He likes to explore different topics in his own creative way with up-to-date information and deep research in order to present you a wonderful content over internet. Human beings also use animals for personal activities or entertainment and serve them as pets taking them away from their natural habitat. ADVERTISEMENTS: Here is your essay on religion, it’s meaning, nature, role and other details! The energy obtained by plants is consumed by animals. Answer: Kashmir, Arunachal Pradesh, Kerala, Himachal Pradesh are notable among others. Student clubs, organizations and the government have taken measures to curb the exhaustion of nature and extinction of the life it supports. Great lengths of mountains, thriving ecosystems, the ever-spreading sky together with the lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere create a saga called “Nature”. The main aims of wildlife conservation in India are to protect our wild animals, plants for the future generation. The biotic components are the living organisms that also include humans. Nature teaches us that beauty is hidden in everything, including hard rocks and wild weeds. It also depicts life in general. The word nature has more than a meaning. Answer: Cyclones, earthquakes and floods are some natural disasters. The energy is passed from one creature to the other which helps them grow and survive. More number of plant species provides us with greater variety of crops. Nature is very important to maintain the growth and balance of life on earth. It helps protect and preserve our water resources. The trend of celebrating this day was first popular in the United States only, but later on, the world adapted it. Summary: The view of a flower from any angle is an everlasting delight. Animals are also caged in the zoo for public display and this disrupts their skills to hunt their meals independently and survive wild in the nature. The freshness and purity of nature rejuvenates us. Different industries also poison nature with harmful gases and chemicals in addition to using excessive natural resources. Some forms of nature can be seen through the lush green forests, the vast sky above us, the oceans without an end, the mountains standing tall and so on. Our natural ecosystem is the community of biotic and abiotic components. The diversity of species ensures the sustainability of all the species. 386 Words Essay on Nature’s Beauty. The most interesting fact about nature is the diversity of nature. People from all parts of the world should come together to lessen the pressure on nature and restore its balance. window.__mirage2 = {petok:"4daa460ea70b424f470cbf43782addc6167dc7c6-1607449832-1800"}; Nature guides the cycling of air, water and life between the different constituents or spheres on Earth. Biodiversity has threats from human activities. Ltd. | 2017 All Rights Reserved. Our basic needs like food, shelter, water and air are all the gifts from nature. After this sad event, he decided to commemorate a day dedicated tonature. Natural ecosystem also includes the interrelation between diverse organisms and their environment. 1229 Words Essay on Man vs. Morning is the best time of the day when the air is fresh, pollution is low and the body is active. Rich both in terms of its scenic beauty and replenishing resources, nature accounts for supporting life in different shapes and forms on our planet. It also includes small microorganisms, fungi, algae, bacteria and many other insects and tiny creatures. Nature makes our life easy by providing all the required resources for daily living. Plants provide us with food, medicinal resources, wood products, plants, diversity in genes and various species. Nature is the heart of earth. At an equal pace is rising the level of air, water, soil and noise pollution as a result of the universal dependence on technology. The beauty and richness of nature is diverse and massive. And in their place came the new kids on the block, words like blog, broadband, bullet-point, celebrity, chatroom, committee, cut-and-paste, MP3 player and voice-mail. But even while we appreciate the blessings she bestows on us, we forget that we are plundering her treasures and thereby denying our children the pleasure of enjoying nature in all her abundance and variety in the future. ADVERTISEMENTS: Here is your short paragraph on Nature ! These tourists are interested in the diversity of nature. While it is necessary to keep up with industrialization, it is an urgent need now to restore stability in nature. Nature refers to the physical world and all forms of life species on earth in general. It constitutes Greenery, Soil, Air, Water and all physical factors that are the pillars of … And what after waking up early, we should go for a morning walk. Carnivorous animals eat herbivores and sometimes other carnivorous for energy. These include Shimla, Kerala, Kullu, Manali, Ooty and Port Blair to name a few. Tiger is carnivorous animal. Write an analytical paragraph describing the pie charts (100-120 words). The serenity of nature calms our hearts. The main aim of wildlife conservation is to save and preserve the wildlife for the future generations to enjoy. Nature is beautiful not because it meets our several needs but because of the way all these natural forms render the feeling of bliss and help us connect with our true selves. Scientists study the way the parts of nature work. Every single moment God is painting the new stroke of beauty in nature. For instance, black beer is an omnivorous animal. With these words chair Robert Watson launched a meeting in Paris to agree the final text of a major UN report on the state of nature around the world – the biggest and most thorough assessment to date, put together by 150 scientists from 50 countries. Thus all these natural resources make life worth living on Earth. Biodiversity plays important role in absorbing and reducing pollution. Every member of the living world obtains its life support from nature. It can be said that nature drives the process of converting everything that is natural on earth into most of the things that are artificial. Nature is made of everything we see around us – trees, flowers, plants, animals, sky, mountains, forests and more. It is found in all societies, past and present. Nature is beauty and beauty is Nature. Nature comprises of the connection between the life species, their habitat, their activities, living conditions and survival process. (Wildlife conservation Essay in 50 Words) Wildlife conservation means the practice of protecting wildlife; wild plants, animals etc. Animals also play important role in nutrient cycle and flow of energy. When we experience solitude in nature we feel real peace and tranquility of nature. Nature includes the natural and physical world including animals, birds, landscapes and other features and creations that exist on earth independent human creations. Education changes the attitude of a person and shapes his carrier as well. English Essay on “Beauty of Nature” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination. It is a good way to learn new things about the other inhabitants of the world. Paragraph on Nature 1 (100 Words) Nature is that natural and physical world that surrounds us and makes life possible on earth. google_ad_width = 300; Nature. It has so many other advantages too. Poet John Keats had once written, “A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever.” To fulfill the demand for these products, human beings have now engaged in the slaughter of trees and the destruction of nature. Morning walk is very good for our health. Nature refers to the natural resources and natural surroundings. Here is a look at the types of natural resources existing on Earth an… We just need to look deeper for it. Mother Nature with unending powers to protect life when it should or uproot life if it must. It becomes the subject of school poems and sometimes seems to be the core factor of … All the preliterate societies known to us have religion. Answer: World Nature Conservation Day, Earth Day, World Environment Day, etc. Religion goes back to the beginning of the culture itself. Article shared by. Nature provides us with several delicacies to enjoy and is our life support system. Beauty is present in every human. Through the process of photosynthesis plants obtain energy from sunlight and absorb carbon dioxide from atmosphere. Anand Kumar Srivastava is a Bachelor of Science in Statistics and Economics. Out of these, the most spectacular, spontaneous and splendid is what we call “Nature”. ADVERTISEMENTS: A flower; it’s one of the finest beautiful things available in this world. In the year 1969, in Santa Barbara,the aquatic and terrestrial environment was highly damaged by the Oilexplosion. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});