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Why TalkNativ?

TalkNativ provides unique English courses that suit learners who use English as a Foreign Language. Learning with us will be effective to the Thais since our lessons focus on local needs, including range of topics presented in a compelling way.

Our Instructors

   Teacher Greg (Gregory Raymond)

  •    B.A. in History, State University of New York at New Palts, USA
  •    TEFL/TESOL Certification, Maximo Nival S.A., San Pedro, Costa Rica
  •    TV Host at TNN Channel – รายการลุยสยาม




   Teacher Hunter (Hunter Trabing)

  •    Instructor for Connect ED
  •    TV Show on True Plookpanya




   Teacher Sukanya (Sukanya Chan)

  •    B.S. Elementary Education, Brigham Young University Hawaii, USA
  •    Teaching License from State of Hawaii
  •    A skill trainer for children with autism (Hawaii Behavioral Health Center)
  •    Math teacher at Kahuku Elementary School, Hawaii, USA